Hotel Pros Worldwide is an international organization dedicated to the sourcing and distribution of hospitality supplies and equipment. We get you what you want, where you want it.

With offices in Barcelona, Spain, and Guangzhou, China, we source products from a wide variety of suppliers both in Europe and Asia.

We work directly with end customers, always dealing with original manufacturers and meticulously supervising the entire purchasing process down to the delivery of goods to your warehouse.

This allows us to save on intermediaries and offer competitive prices, while retaining close control over the production process in terms of quality, delivery terms and goods customization. Furthermore, we offer each client free access to our web-based purchasing platform to allow for continuous follow-up.

We can help you with your replacements as well as with your renovations and new projects. Upon request, we can also draft a long-term procurement plan adapted for a specific project or for your entire organization.

We have a wide range of products and equipment available, check it out in our Products section and if you’re unable to find what you need, just drop us a line and we’ll quote it for you!



The constant replacement of goods is often a headache for the purchasing department of any hotel.

While these purchases are often carried out on-the-go, we can help you plan things in advance so you are able to cut down your costs and save up in the short-term.

Logistical, technical, financial and other requirements such as scheduled deliveries, warehousing of stock for replacements or deferred payments can also be arranged upon request.


The renovations and new projects are our specialty, as they are planned well in advance and therefore arranging the procurement of the goods from the source is much easier. From the floorings to the smallest decoration details, we will take care of it.


Outsource part or all of your purchases to us and let us do the hard work. We’ll draft a long-term procurement plan adapted to your needs and offer you considerable savings in the long run.



Importing directly from manufacturers located in multiple countries and continents is not an easy task. Many factors must be taken into account, from delivery times to payment methods, all the way through language barriers and a vast ocean of cultural differences.

An expert eye on the field is therefore fundamental for achieving success, and that is precisely our advantage.

Owing it to our location and experience, we obtain better prices than other buyers, we perform a close follow up of the whole operation and we can play with lower margins than most importers-distributors.

Altogether, we save on intermediaries, we optimize our costs and we are able to offer you factory-level prices.


In order to make sure our goods and suppliers always meet the required quality standards, we partner with well-known international inspection agencies such as SGS. This third-party verification works at two levels:

  • Homologation certificates: CE, RoHS, FCC, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, etc.
  • Inspection reports: per production batch.

These documents are available to our clients upon request.


Since we always deal with original manufacturers, we can customize the goods with your own brand (OEM) as well as develop your own product designs (ODM) according to your technical specifications.

From a custom-branded TV to a high end designer lamp, we can drastically cut down your costs while maintaining the style and the quality of your current suppliers.


We have developed a comprehensive, web-based sourcing platform that allows you to easily communicate with us and follow up your orders online: check the production and delivery schedules, track your shipments, download invoices, packing lists and other useful documents, etc. Stay in control of your business at all times!


Worried about the terms? We can match your current suppliers’ conditions; just tell us what you need:

  • Invoicing: EU/Hong Kong
  • Incoterms: FOB, CIF, DAP, DDP, etc.
  • Payment terms: T/T, deferred, monthly instalments, renting
  • Delivery time: production time (~30 days) + shipping time (30-45 days by sea, 3-7 days by air, worldwide)
  • Delivery terms: all at once, scheduled deliveries
  • Importation: by the client, by us (applicable in the EU)
  • Certifications: CE and other certificates available
  • Quality control: quality verified by SGS, 1 independent inspection report per production batch
  • Warranty: 1 year against factory defects
  • Replacements: available if requested
  • After-sales service: TAS (Technical Assistance Service) available for some products if requested (2 years warranty with technical maintenance)
  • Others? Let us know what do you need and we will arrange it for you!

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us!